IPhone X & IZone I: prioritizing technology in zoning

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So, what could the release of the IPhone X, the hottest topic on the planet, have to do with zoning, a topic so boring it competes with proper airplane seat width as to be the least likely discussion over a glass of wine? Hold on. More than you might think! That is because we should be IZoning. Depending on what article you read, the average person is checking his cellular devise more than 85 times per day and may be spending more than 8 hours a day on electronic devices. And the average person wants his or her life organized around getting on with that. Hence, the average person wants zoning laws that enable them do that. Forget front yard setbacks or building height, give me a safe, secure place to get on a Wi-Fi hot spot for free; let me sit with my phone to do some business or Tweet or connect with my friends. Everything else is secondary. That’s why I call Uber. I’d rather sit in the back seat and Facetime rather than drive.
I want a physical environment that lets me get this all done when I am not in the back seat of the car. Heck, I want it when I walk the dog or on the treadmill. So, progressive local governments of the world, give the people what they want! Let’s write the rules and regulations that allows the physical world to accommodate the virtual world, not the other way around. Let’s IZONE. Broad sidewalks, lots of cafes, bonuses for free WiFi, free charging, and forget most of the other things. Nirvana!