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Homeowners Complain of Pokémon Go Trespassers

With the Pokémon Go craze sweeping the nation, some homeowners have noticed smartphone wielding people walking on their lawns or parking in their driveways. As the game increases in popularity, more and more homeowners have found themselves inadvertent participants in the game.

Pokémon Go directs players to real locations to search for virtual creatures and items. The goal is to get people going to new places—but this can be a problem when these new places aren’t actually open to the public.

The problem has triggered warnings from several police departments across the nation. The message to Pokémon Go players: avoid trespassing onto private property!

As more and more people download the Pokémon Go app, the number of trespassers may increase. We will wait to see how the makers of the game address this ongoing problem.

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Weiner & Thompson Partner Named to State FAWL Board

Weiner & Thompson, P.A. is pleased to announce that one of its partners, Laurie Thompson has been elected as Development Director for the Florida Association for Women Lawyers (“FAWL”). Ms. Thompson has been active in FAWL for years, serving as the South Palm Beach County Chapter’s President in 2013-2014. After her term as President of the local FAWL Chapter Ms. Thompson served as the Development Committee Chair for State FAWL and was subsequently asked to join the Board as the Development Director.

FAWL’s mission is to actively promote gender equality and leadership roles of women in the legal profession, judiciary and community at large. Ms. Thompson is honored to be a leader in FAWL and in that role and as a partner in a law firm works to promote women in the legal profession.

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New Florida Building Code Provisions Effective July 1

Changes to various sections of HB 535 are now in effect. The changes include the following items:

  • Clarification that certain swimming pools used for specific purposes are not subject to regulation;
  • The Florida Building Code (code) requires two fire service elevators for buildings in certain circumstances;
  • The location of standpipes in high-rise buildings are subject only to specified requirements;
  • Requirement of fire sprinklers in restaurants with a fire area occupancy load of 200 patrons or more
  • Additions of provisions to the code regarding fire separation distance and roof overhang projections
  • Authorization of local building officials to issue phased construction permits
  • Requirement completed building permit applications to be submitted electronically
  • Exemption of Wi-Fi smoke alarms and those that contain multiple sensors, such as those combined with carbon monoxide alarms, from the 10-year, no removable, nonreplaceable battery provision and provides requirements regarding alarm monitoring system registration
  • Authorization of mandatory blower door/air infiltration testing, effective July 1, 2017, and provides air change and infiltration rates
  • Creation of the Calder Sloan Swimming Pool Electrical-Safety Task Force and the Construction Industry Workforce Task Force
  • Allows a specific energy rating index as an option for compliance with the energy conservation code and directs the Florida Building Commission to study and determine if on-site renewable energy generation can be counted toward energy conservation goals under the code.

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