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Protecting Clients’ IP Rights from Cyber-Gripers

By Laurie Thompson

“In this increasingly online world, clients’ rights in their valuable trademarks are at risk from disgruntled customers or ex-employees who publish gripe websites on the Internet. Today, anyone with a computer and $10 can purchase a domain name and publish a gripe website, in some cases using your client’s own trademarks to trash it online.

Use of its trademarks to identify a gripe website implicates clients’ rights under the Lanham Act on the one hand, and the cyber-griper’s First Amendment right to free speech on the other. Therefore, it is important to understand how courts have balanced these competing interests, as well as knowing other steps which can be utilized to help a client avoid being the victim of a cybergriper, or at least to minimize the impact if such an event happens…” Click here to read more.

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