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Planning and Zoning – Delray Beach Zoning Department

Zonelaw’s Planning & Zoning experience recognizes the importance of this role within the organizational structure of City government. This Department’s primary responsibility is that of guiding and directing the Delray Beach’s future growth while ensuring the preservation of its cherished existing buildings and landmarks. There are two main divisions within this department in Planning and Zoning, Current Planning and Long Range Planning.

Our focus has remained unchanged since its founding by Michael S. Weiner, Esq., since 1986 – to remain constantly engaged in public policy representation of clients before local governments in Delray Beach and Palm Beach County in the matters of Planning and Zoning, relating to the implementation of market-driven, sustainable economic growth for the region. Here at, we are proud to have been repeatedly recognized for having a positive impact upon the landscape of Palm Beach County and the cities of Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and Lake Worth in particular. Whether you are a business, homeowner, or property developer, a planning and zoning lawyer can help challenge a municipality’s zoning regulation and land use restriction.

In addition to our long-standing niche in planning & zoning litigation, private property rights, historic property redevelopment, property tax challenges, and code enforcement defense and appeals, the firm has expanded its dispute resolution offerings with the addition of a new litigation practice group, which represents our clients in broad-based business litigation, bankruptcy, and foreclosure defense.

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Zoning Representation, Delray Beach, Florida.

The value of your land and its successful economic development directly relates to the zoning and related regulations applicable to it. Zonelaw has been involved in zoning, land use, and economic development representations throughout its history. Representation ranges from landowners to developers, to homes associations, to governmental entities.

Zonelaw provides focused, cost-effective advice and counsel including representations in the Delray areas and Palm BEach County in all aspects of the financing, zoning, and development process. We also provide Delray Zoning representation in transactions and contracting related to land development, along with zoning and litigation representation. Zonelaw is experienced in zoning and land use, and we stand ready to provide the assistance you require.

Our Zoning and Land Use Services in Delray Beach, Florida include but are not limited to:

Economic Development
Due Diligence Investigations
Rezoning and Special Use Permits
Master Planning
Zoning Representation City/Courts
Litigation and Appeals
Improvement and Benefit Districts
Condemnation and Appeals

Delray Beach Zoning Atorney

As part of establishing a site master plan or implementing a development project, our qualified team at Zonelaw will assemble a team to negotiate terms of development that best serves you. When Zonelaw is hired to be your representative, our role is to orchestrate civil engineers, traffic and illumination consultants, land planners, and others to respond to city requirements and prerequisites.

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Zoning Attorney

A little bit about Zoning Attorney Michael S. Weiner:

He was was born on March 24, 1949 in Cleveland, Ohio. He attended Washington & Jefferson College where he graduated magna cum laude. He entered the University of Michigan Law School and graduated in May, 1974. He joined the firm of Guren, Merritt with offices in Cleveland, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio and Miami, Florida, passing the Ohio Bar in 1974 and the Florida Bar in 1978.

After beginning his career as a tax attorney, Mr. Weiner turned to the narrow specialty of tax planning for real estate developers. Mr. Weiner first became familiar with redevelopment by being involved in the Tower City project in Cleveland, Ohio in the late 1970′s. By 1977 he was an investor in the Cedar Lee Theater in Cleveland which consisted of the successful renovation of a dilapidated 1920′s theater. This was a springboard to specializing in real estate work to which Mr. Weiner devotes his full professional time.

In September, 1983, he was hired by the law firm of Csank & Csank, P.A. with offices in Cleveland, Ohio and Palm Beach, Florida. Upon moving to Delray Beach, Florida he took an active interest in real estate opportunities afforded by South Florida. He was involved as an attorney in the first attempts to redevelop Miami Beach in the early 1980′s. In March 1986, Mr. Weiner shaped his own law firm in tandem with the resurgence of Delray Beach. In 1991, he purchased and moved his offices to the historical Clark House located at 102 N. Swinton Avenue. In 2009, he renovated the historic 1924 Masonic Temple on the corner of SE 1st Avenue and Atlantic Avenue and relocated his expanding law practice to occupy the second floor.

As both an entrepreneur and as an attorney, Mr. Weiner specializes in solving his client’s problems relating to redevelopment and is a sought-after speaker before various City and County Commissioners, Chambers of Commerce, local civic clubs and groups about the importance of the revitalization of urban centers. To that end, Mr. Weiner has invested his own funds in pursuit of the same goal, demonstrating that there can be profits both for the individual and for the community. His success as both an attorney and investor in numerous residential and commercial restorations in several South Florida municipalities, most notably Delray Beach and Boynton Beach, Florida, has made him one of the most sought after real estate and zoning attorneys in the area.

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Delray Beach Zoning Atorney

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