What is Zonelaw?

Zonelaw is the place where global thinkers perform legal engineering in respect of  local codes so as to provide solutions for your zoning issues.  

By predicting the future directions of zoning regulations, Zonelaw helps developers, builders, homeowners and interested citizen groups navigate present day governmental issues. We successfully develop the interface between future housing needs and existing government regulations.  Through a dynamic understanding of local codes, we accommodate the MegaTrends affecting retail and commerce.   

Drawing on our forty plus years of legal experience, we specialize in forecasting the habits of local residents in a changing world, then accommodating that change through code changes in the law.  The legal codes of 2020 need to be based on 2020 lifestyles.  This dynamic approach emphasizes mixed use housing in resilient communities, place making, and an approach for a new suburbia.

Our Expertise

New Suburbia

Facing the challenge of the aging infrastructure in mid-century suburbia, crafting obtainable housing and revitalizing housing that is obtainable.

Place Making

The revitalization of aging cities, towns, and villages so as to incorporate the life style changes of the 21st century.

Resilient Communities

The incorporation of laws and policies that allow cities, towns, and villages to thrive in spite of forces of economic dislocation, climate change and technological upheaval.

Government Affairs

Zonelaw has provided exceptional legal representation on issues relating to Local Governmental Law, Land Use & Zoning, Business Law, Real Estate, and Litigation since 1986. Interacting with local government, elected officials, […]

Civil and Commercial Litigation

Sometimes, you find yourself between a rock and a hard place. Your business is up and running smoothly. But then a partner, investor, employee or business competitor throws a wrench […]

Land Use & Zoning Attorney

How you want to use your land may not be what the city or county had in mind back when they adopted their local Comprehensive Plan. Each city and county […]

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What our clients say

“I could’ve never done it without Michael Weiner representing me, who gained approval from the City Commission to open my Shop in Delray” – Rebecca Loveless, Owner of Delray Beach’s first tattoo shop – Tradition Tattoo from South Florida Sun-Sentinel March 7th 2017



Rebecca Loveless Tradition Tattoo